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Local fishing

Crowthorne and the surrounding areas are blessed with some fantastic fishing and here is a list of some of our favorites if you need any more information you can always pop into the shop.

Blackwater: Best fished in winter due to excessive weed growth in the summer months. The best fishing is after the first frosts as the weed dies down. Average depth is 2 foot and width around 14 meters. Expect to catch pike, chub, roach and perch and a few barbel and bream. Baits are maggot, caster, worm, bread and for the barbel ellipse Halibut pellets glued to the hair with a pva bag of freebies. Pike seem to fall to the soft jelly jigged lures. Hot Spots: Outfall at the sewer works in Sandhurst off Swan Lane, behind the Audi garage off the A331. Governing bodies: Hartley Whitney and Twyford and District.

Whitewater: Fishes very similar to the Blackwater but fishes well all year round as there is not so much weed growth. Governing Body: Farnborough and District A.A

Lodden: Big barbel into double figures and bream. Average depth 6ft and about 25 meters wide. Maggots, casters and worms work well and for the barbel spicy meat, crab flavours and ellipse pellets glued to the hair. Keep everything well pined down, flurocarbon hook links work well. Governing Bodies: Farnborough and District A.A an Farnham A.A

Basingstoke Canal: This canal has a close season. Depth around 4ft and width average 14 meters. All species, big carp, tench, bream, roach, perch. Fishes really well but you need to know the best spots. Weed can be a problem in certain areas in the summer such as Aldershot and Ash. Summer baits are corn, maggot, pinkies, squat, worm and floaters for the carp can work really well. Lots of pike too, up to double figures, dead baits and small bright jelly lures have been reported to work well. Bread is a great bait in the winter after the frosts and accounts for some big bags of bream. Fish this a foot off the bottom for some of the big ones. Hot spots are: Elmoor Flash, Claycart, Great Bottom Flash, Mitchett Lake, Odiham, Silt Dumps, Barley Mow and Crookham Deeps. Winter: Ash Vale by the Swan pub, Glenn Road, Reading Road, and Pondtail Bridge. Governing Body Basingstoke Canal A.A

Southill Park: Great Carp fishing its very shallow at the top end by the car park so in winter or cooler weather fish the other end. Margins can work well all year round and bread is permitted Oct to March so this works well as the ducks get fed a lot. Corn, maggots, pellet, meat and paste in the warmer weather. Dynamite Green Swim Stim is a really good ground Bait. Method feeder works well, cast to the floating islands or opposite bank if possible. Day tickets from Crowthorne Angling or Mill Pond Cafe.

West Moorlands: Good fishing with plenty of carp, roach and skimmers. Maggots, pinkies, worm, meat and pellet. Float and method feeder work well. Ideal for the younger angler too as lots of bites. Day tickets from Crowthorne Angling or McColls Newsagents in Birch Hill Shopping Centre.

Aldershot Park: Day ticket on the bank but have your rod licence as they need the number. Carp, bream, roach and skimmers. Natural baits work well as well as corn in the spring and summer.

Yateley Green Lake: Under 16’s only. Roach, Rudd and perch. Excellent beginners lake. Float fished maggots, worm and pellet.