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Lake Tactics

Here are some tips and ideas on the best way to fish Holme Grange Fishery:

Coming into Spring can be fantastic time for fishing but the weather can be very variable so it is best to have several ways to fish as one may work on that day but not on another so here is a list of some methods to try in the spring months. If you are unsure how to set up any of these methods do call in and see us in the shop in Crowthorne and we will be able to demonstrate and explain these methods to you. See our video page for more on how to fish the lake and other local waters.

Method Feeder

Probably one of the most productive methods in the spring. The best method feeder is the flat type and Drennan and Preston both make a great one with a mould. Its simple set up with a loose running method feeder and a short hook link of about 4 inches. Hook size ideally should be around 14-16 depending on the bait. Use ground bait but try mixing in softened micro pellets to the ground bait for better results. Vary the hook baits until you find what is working, corn, maggots, small 4mm cubes of meat and pellet work well. Top Tip: Try rolling the maggot between you fingers to kill it and and use that as a hook bait. Clip up and keep casting to the same spot,  casting out a few times without any hook bait at the beginning to build up bait in the area can work really well.

Float Fishing

Float fishing works well for the roach this time of the year. You need a light short waggler style float and small hooks depending on your bait but around size 16. Feed often 4 or so maggots every 2 -5 mins to get the fish feeding competitively. You can get through a lot of bait but also you catch a lot of fish. Carp are not really in the margins yet unless the weather is milder so look for the warmer days to try for carp close in.

Zig Rigs 

Zig rigs also work really well as the lake is very deep. Perfect baits would be small boilies or artificial boilies such as Avid’s Zig Lites or zig bugs, these are made for the job. Spod or fire balls of sloppy groundbait and particles over the hook bait to get the fish into your swim and feeding up in the water. Try a variety of different particles so they go through the water at different rates. Ian Russell has used this technique at the lake to catch in excess of 20 fish in the cooler weather.

Specimen Hunting

If you are trying for a big fish our best advice is to fish a big bait possibly 20-30mm boilie, do try a snowman as it lifts the rig off the bottom and makes the bait more visible. Use smallish hooks depending on your bait , for 20mm bait use a 8 or 6 and for 15mm baits an 8 anything smaller baits try a 10. Try small baits too, 10mm boilies catch very well or small snowman rigs. P.V.A bags are essential to get some free offering around your bait and use a throwing stick to put some loose boilies round your hook bait, keep feeding – there are a lot of fish in the lake so regular feeding will catch more fish, unless its cold then slow down a bit – little and often is the best.