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Lake Tactics

Here are some tips and ideas on the best way to fish Holme Grange Fishery:

Coming into Winter the bites start to slow down and you need to fish out further than in the warmer months but by changing the baits and tactics you may not catch as many fish. However the carp and roach do have their beautiful winter colours so they are well worth catching, if you are prepared to brave the elements.

Method Feeder

Probably one of the most productive methods in the Winter. The best method feeder is the flat type and Drennan and Preston both make a great one with a mould. Its simple set up with a loose running method feeder and a short hook link of about 4 inches. Hook size ideally should be around 14-16 even down to an 18 in the extreme cold depending on the bait of course. Use a darkish fine particle ground bait as the water is a lot more clear in the Winter months . Best winter baits are going towards the more natural baits such as maggots and worms but you can try small fruit boilies, pellets and corn as well. Generally in winter it is best to keep the baits smaller, use lighter lines/hooklinks and use smaller hooks and you will be rewarded with some lovely winter catches. The margins are not usually very good in the cold weather, so fish a little further out into the deeper water. Also remember fish do not eat so much in the cooler conditions so feed less, a little goes a long way!

Best Top Tip: Try rolling the maggot between you fingers to kill it and and use that as a hook bait. Clip up and keep casting to the same spot,  casting out a few times without any hook bait at the beginning to build up bait in the area can work really well. Dead maggots that have been frozen also work really well to as loose feed, in the ground bait and also on the hook.

Zig Rigs 

Zig rigs work really well in cooler conditions and the lake is very deep so it suits this tactic. Perfect baits would be small boilies or artificial boilies such as Avid’s Zig Lites or zig bugs, these are made for the job. Spod or fire balls of sloppy groundbait, particles and maggots over the hook bait to get the fish into your swim and feeding up in the water. Try a variety of different particles so they go through the water at different rates. Ian Russell has used this technique at the lake to catch in excess of 20 fish in the cooler weather.

Cast around

In the winter fish are much more stationary so do not be afraid to cast around with a snowman or pop-up bait. Watch the water and if you see fishing topping or moving cast to them as they may well snatch at the bait and there you go, a nice carp! Again keep the bait sizes and hooks small, 8 to 10mm boilies. Pink and white are good bait colours for cooler water.

If you need any help or advice either ask the bailiff or pop in the shop and we will be happy to help and advise you.